Elected Officials Workshop

Join us for an exclusive LIVE workshop for Michigan Municipal Officials Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at the Okemos Conference Center

Date and time

Wed, December 7, 2022, 12:00 PM – 5:30 PM EST

(Check-in and Lunch begin at 11:30 AM)


Okemos Event Center 2187 University Park Drive Alaiedon Township, MI 48864


Back by popular demand, Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes will be offering a free, half-day workshop that will benefit Elected Officials of all levels. This year we have an exciting lineup of new topics that you won’t want to miss. Our panel of expert presenters includes our very own municipal attorneys, as well as a bonus presentation led by John Collins, Executive Public Trust Coach. Each presentation is specifically designed to help you better navigate your position as an Elected Official. Come ready to learn and leave with practical tips on dealing with common and not-so-common situations that arise in municipal governance. Lunch will be provided, as well as a networking cocktail hour after the completion of the workshop

Presentations at a Glance:


Christopher Patterson

Top 15 Takeaways from Recent Court Decisions

The courts decide hundreds of cases each year. Although many are applicable to everyday life, come learn practical takeaways as to how they impact your township. This will improve your skills as a township official and you won’t have to read hundreds of pages of court cases. We did it for you!


Jacob Witte and Matthew Kuschel

I Won My Court Case… Now What?

Many municipalities have adopted municipal civil infractions ordinances to provide for the streamlined enforcement of local ordinances in district court. After you have won in court, relief under that court order does not always come easy. Municipalities have numerous choices to compel compliance with the Township’s ordinances including seeking voluntary compliance, abating a violation at the individual’s expense, pursuing additional relief through the Court, or even filing additional citations. Come learn how to best handle these issues in your community.


Kendall O’Connor

Gone, But Not Forgotten: Your Guide to Handling Common Township Cemetery Mishaps

While not the most lively topic, Townships operating local cemeteries should be aware of common problems and legal issues that may arise from the grave. Let us lift your spirit and lay to rest any concerns your Township may have by providing you with the answers needed to remedy a cemetery mishap.


Kyle O’Meara and Lindsey Gergel

My Township & Its Lakes: Regulating Riparian Issues

Many of Michigan’s townships are blessed with inland lakes. With lakes, come a variety of issues such as preserving lines of sight, regulating docks, watercraft, and “bubblers,” and managing aquatic weeds, to name a few. Come join this presentation to learn about the tools townships have to address common lake issues to benefit their residents and visitors.


Christopher Patterson and William Fahey

Managing Sophisticated Zoning Projects

A variety of land uses are complex, both from a technical perspective and a zoning review perspective. These include utility-scale renewable energy projects (wind and solar), large retail and housing developments (including mixed use), marihuana uses,  gravel extraction, and much more. These complex zoning applications may be unfamiliar to a township. Learn more about navigating sophisticated zoning projects including, but not limited to: (1) getting the right consultants involved; (2) ensuring funds are available for review by experts; (2) how to best organize public hearings including notice; and (3) how to present complex information to a planning commission or township board.


John Collins

Managing Conflict and Coping with Difficult People

When the stakes are high, conflict is inevitable and sometimes exacerbated by challenging personalities. The tension that results can derail the efforts of a team to stay united and focused on what’s important. The good news is that there are some techniques and insights that will not only help you engage these situations with more ease and effectiveness, you can enjoy the sense of confidence that comes from feeling prepared for them.

John M. Collins, author of The New Superior – A Better Way to Be the One In Charge, is an executive leadership coach based in Southfield, Michigan who specializes in working with people, teams, and organizations in positions of public trust. With most of his clients originating from government agencies, John will share a refreshing and optimistic perspective on how to deal effectively with conflict and the difficult people who sometimes cause them. Attendees will have a better understanding of the “conflict spectrum” and the “ADAPT” method for turning difficult conflicts into opportunities for collaboration. John will also share what he describes as the “secret” that most difficult personalities keep from us when they seem to be making our lives miserable.  By knowing this secret, you can better neutralize even the most offensive behavior.


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