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Labor & Employment

Michigan's Labor and Employment Lawyers

The Labor and Employment Law Team at Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC has represented employers in both the public and private sectors for over thirty years. We provide practical advice and forceful litigation in order to assist employers in complying with a variety of Michigan labor laws and employment regulations.

We believe that the following qualities are what keeps our clients satisfied and distinguishes us from other Michigan labor attorneys:

Employment Law Prowess

At Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC, we know that the beginning of the employment process starts before the hire, and the end of the relationship does not arrive until after the employee is long gone. Our skill goes far beyond the legal aspects of employment; we have learned from years of experience the importance of preparedness in all aspects of labor and employment regulations. From the beginning until the end, our Michigan labor attorney offers employment counsel and advice to our clients.

Versatility and Employee Management

We use our knowledge and skill to work with our clients to help them efficiently manage their relationships with their employees. Whether it is helping our clients develop sound pre-employment policies, drafting employment contracts, engaging in collective bargaining on behalf of our clients, or responding to an emergency disciplinary matter, we are here to adapt extensive legal knowledge to our clients’ unique needs.

Guidance and Prevention

We believe in “preventative maintenance.” The best way to avoid legal fees as related to Michigan and federal labor laws is to avoid litigation where possible.  We are here to assist clients before (and as soon as) a serious and expensive work-place problem develops. We firmly believe in the adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Therefore, our Labor Attorney Team works closely with clients to negotiate practical contracts and implement practical employment policies that prevent work-place problems before they begin.

Employer Advocacy and Collective Bargaining

Our attorneys are ready and willing to handle your case in any type of setting, whether it is giving advice, litigating a matter to its conclusion, or providing representation and guidance at the bargaining table. When it comes to Michigan labor law relations, you will not find a firm in the state with more experience at the bargaining table or in working with represented employees. We negotiate dozens of Michigan collective bargaining agreements annually for both private and public sector employers. Our attorneys have been directly involved in contract negotiations with every major labor organization in this state.

Dedicated to serving your legal needs

For more information about our labor and employment law legal services, please contact us today and ask for a member of our Labor and Employment Law Practice Group.

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