Liquor Licensing and Permitting

Businesses providing alcohol in Michigan must have a legal liquor license. Our experts can help you navigate Michigan’s complex liquor license laws in order to legally obtain or transfer your liquor license, and make sure all alcohol sales are above board.

Getting a Liquor License in Michigan

Selling or providing alcohol at your business without a valid license can have dire consequences. When the stakes are high, don’t leave the stability of your business to chance. Our legal experts have a detailed understanding of Michigan’s complex liquor laws, and we have extensive experience obtaining and transferring liquor licenses for restaurants, hotels, golf courses, bars, special events, and many more.

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“Over a decade we have been ecstatic with representation on multiple issues. It is great to work with a firm that comes loaded with industry experts so we do not have to spend time and money talking about nuances of the alcohol industry.”

Scott N.
Short’s Brewing Company

Why should I use Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC?

Our team of 25+ experienced legal professionals are ready to help you navigate liquor laws and obtain or transfer your liquor license securely and efficiently. We have cultivated a strong relationship with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission staff and commissioners as we work with them daily. Our lawyers have established valuable connections with local government units throughout the state of Michigan, this allows us to navigate the complex regulatory landscape effectively.

Going through the proper channels to get or transfer your liquor license is essential to protect your business. From national franchises to independent operators to outdoor venues and many more, we have helped a wide range of businesses obtain and transfer liquor licenses legally, and ensure they understand the details and rights the license affords. If you’ve struggled to obtain or transfer a liquor license, or you’re confused by Michigan’s extensive liquor laws, we can help.

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“Aubree’s has been working with Fahey Schultz Burzych and Rhodes for all of our liquor license matters. We have been impressed with their ability to navigate the bureaucracy and work to quickly accomplish our goals.”

Andy A.
Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill

Liquor Control Act Violations

The Michigan Liquor Control Code is strictly enforced, and selling alcohol without the proper license puts your business in serious jeopardy. There’s no need to risk enormous fines or shut-downs. We can help you go through this process smoothly, so you can obtain or transfer your liquor license with confidence.

Our firm brings extensive expertise in handling various types of Michigan Liquor License Violation cases, including:

  • Sale to intoxicated persons
  • Sale to minors
  • Serving after hours
  • Unauthorized transfer of a liquor license

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